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Code of conduct
 / Corporate Social Responsipility

As a industrial company, we take our responsibility towards society and the environment seriously. At Dellit Präzision, we are aware that our actions have far-reaching implications, and we strive to effect positive change, both in our immediate surroundings and beyond.

At Dellit Präzision, we are committed to upholding high ethical standards and fostering a respectful workplace environment. Our Code of Conduct serves as a guide for all employees, outlining expectations for their behavior within the workplace and in their interactions with customers, suppliers, and the public.

We always act honestly, fairly, and responsibly. We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and avoid any form of fraud, bribery, or corruption.

We respect the dignity, diversity, and rights of each individual. Discrimination, harassment, or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Safety and Health
The safety and well-being of our employees are paramount. We are committed to creating safe working conditions and taking all necessary measures to prevent accidents and injuries.

Environmental Protection
We are committed to environmental protection by promoting sustainable practices, conserving resources, and avoiding environmental pollution.

We treat all confidential information with the utmost care and respect the right to privacy.

Each employee is accountable for their actions and the impact of their decisions on the company and its stakeholders.

We encourage open and transparent communication at all levels of the company and empower employees to raise concerns or suggestions without fear of retaliation.

This Code of Conduct is an integral part of our corporate culture, and we expect every employee to adhere to it and embody the values of Dellit Präzision in their daily work.

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