Managementsystem, Quality management: Quality means, the customer returns, not the product!

Quality management
acc. To ISO 9001

As accredited company according to DIN EN ISO 9001 we are aware of our customers needs and have implemented a management system that quickly reacts on changing conditions.

  • we offer a maximum of constant quality
  • adherence of delivery dates
  • cost effiency
  • periodic internal audits and qualifications for our employees
  • process of continuous improvement and development (DIP – Dellit Improvement Process)
  • customers satisfaction is our first priority
  • use of state of the art technologies
  • Energy Monitoring of our CNC-Machines
  • Energy efficiency 


quality management 2quality management 3quality management 1

We are using recent measuring technologies and measuring equipment in modern, air-conditioned inspection rooms. er we can inspect boreholes starting from 1.7 mm diameter with an Endoscope. So we are able to check for burrs in the inner zones of turning parts. This technology makes it also easy for us to select from different (special) tools and to investigate tool endurances.
We ensure the quality of our products and services with different methods and processes. Our main goal is 0 ppm at our customers.


environmental management
acc. to ISO 14001

As accredited company according to DIN EN ISO 14001 we commit ourselves for an economical and considerate exploitation of raw materials and supplies. Our environmental management system is fully integrated within the quality management so that our main processes are established in respect to environmental needs and to ensure the awareness in our every days business.
To safe our environement and to reduce our impact, that is what Dellit Präzision ist standing for.




energy management
acc. to ISO 50001

Challenging energy effiency and utilizing it for the ongoing development of our processes, this is we are campaigning for.
Besides our commitment for environmental issues we are targeting on energy effiecent processes and infrastructures.


Dellit Präzision therefore invests in imporvement in efficiency of its production supported by the European Union and the Free State of Thuringia.
Based on energy conulting we defined possible savings of about 150.000 kWh/year by implementing a central system of machinery cooling and new air supplying devices.

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