Sliding Headstock Technology

Besides that we are using sliding headstock machinery from Traub and star ECAS. Our sliding headstock machinery guarantees competitive advantages which we are using for our customers.



Traub TNL18i is comfortable and easy in change-over for turning operation with and without a guide bush.

Traub TLN18iMaschine
Traub TNL18i


General Data:
Bar capacity 20 mm
Chuck size max. 205 mm
Speed max. 12.000 min-1
Power 24 kW



Our Traub TNL26 are exclusively used for series parts. These machines guarantee high accuracy and highly efficient production processes.

Traub TNL26Maschine
Traub TNL26a
Traub TNL26b


General Data:
Bar capacity 26 mm
Chuck size max. 255 mm (pro Spindelstockhub)
Speed max. 8.000 min-1
Power 20 kW


Star ECAS 20

Machines of this type are also used in series production including fast and accurate processing.



General Data:
Bar capacity 3-20 mm
Chuck size max. 205 mm
Power main turret 3,7 kW
Speed max. 200-10.000 min-1


Tsugami HS207

Mit der kontinuierlichen Schwenkfunktion des B-Achsen-Werkzeughalter lassen sich hochkomplexe Konturen und Freiformen mühelos herstellen.



General Data:
Bar capacity 7-20 mm
Chuck size max. 250 mm
Speed max. 10.000 min-1
Power main turret 3,7 kW


Tsugami HS327

Die ultimative Langdrehmaschine für komplexe Bearbeitungsaufgaben.

Tsugami HS327 machine
Tsugami HS327 machine close-up
Tsugami HS327 machine animation


General Data:
Bar capacity 8-32 mm
Chuck size max. 320 mm
Speed max. 8.000 min-1
Power main turret 5,5 kW