Our quality is significantly depended on our machinery. Because of their high flexibility and reliability we are almost exclusively using machinery from the market leader INDEX. Through approval processes our turning machines are capable to realize narrow tolerances according to customers specifications and to maintain them permanently throughout the series production. Furthermore our machines are fully equipped including counter spindles, 2 turrets and Y/B axes. Thereby we are able to produce highly efficient. By using driven tools we can realize cross machining (drilling, threading, milling) and axial machining in one clamping.
Our machinery consists of machines from the following types:


Index ABC

This type of machine stands for quick, flexible and economical machining from simple screw machine parts to medium complex parts through extremely short cycle times due to simultaneous machining with up to 3 tools.



General Data:
Bar capacity 60 mm
Feed rate 52 mm
Speed max. 6.000 min-1
Power 20 kW
Chuck size max. ca. 120 mm


Index G200

We are producing predominantly on capable and highly efficient machinery from this type. Our premium machinery gives us the possibility to produce constant quality to competitive prices. By studying the machine capabilities of all our machines we can guarantee a constant quality level of our series parts. For our customers and for us machine capability studies with the SOP date and during the production period are important tools for monitoring and validation of our processes.



General Data:
Bar capacity 42 mm 60 mm 65 mm
Speed max. 7.000 min-1 6.000 min-1 6.000 min-1
Power 20 kW 20 kW 20 kW
Chuck size max. 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm


Index C100/C200

The recent market developments within the turn-mill-center technology create the possibilities of a more efficient and faster processing. With our ongoing investments into these technologies we are breaking new grounds for the future. 2 spindles and 3 turrets providing us with cycle time improvements and therefore cost reductions for our customers.



General Data:C100C200
Bar capacity 42 mm 65 mm
Speed max. 7.000 min-1 6.000 min-1
Power 25/29 kW 25/33 kW
Chuck size max. 200 mm 250 mm


Index C100/C200 mit WHU

Integrated handling in standard machinery as C100 or C200 combines the flexibility of standard machines with handling systems for paletization or placement.




Index R200

R200 - the latest Turn-Mill-Center from INDEX. By simultaneous milling operations on main and counter spindle, 5-axis-interpolation for both milling spindles and separate subsystems for upper and lower motorized milling spindles we gain a maximum of flexibility and is allowing a full reverse side machining or parallel machining. The tool strips with a total of 12 stationary tools are permanently in the working area.



General Data:
bar capacity 65 mm
in front bearing 110 mm
Speed max. 18.000 min-1
Power 24 kW