About us


Präzisionsdreherei Martin Dellit GmbH & Co. KG emanated from the private company Mechanische Dreherei Martin Dellit in 2005. However, Mechanische Dreherei Martin Dellit was founded on January 1st, 1990 and started its production in two small cellar rooms and a garage using two old turning machines. Due to a strong increase in customer’s orders and to be competitive on the market we decided to invest in a new production facility and recent CNC technology.

In the upcoming years we did not only expand our machinery but also developed our today’s special field of supply for our customers: highly sophisticated and very complex turning, milling and drilling parts in one chucking with high accuracy and close tolerances. Moreover we are now system supplier of assembly groups. The in 1994 created capacities has been utilized very quickly and to stay competitive in the changing markets – now including the Eastern European countries – we decided to start building a new production facility in 2004.

After the completion of our new production facility our business activities changed from the private company Mechanische Dreherei Martin Dellit into the limited company of Präzisionsdreherei Martin Dellit GmbH & Co. KG in 2005.

second expansion in 2004todays factory IIfuture factory III

Nowadays we produce in our two production facilities with all together 45 employees and 5 trainees on a total production area of 2250 m2. Further 2000 m² are already under construction. The further development of our business and the increase of production capacity are already wrapped up. As a competent partner and serial supplier in the Automotive, Hydraulics and Electronic industries as well as partner in the vehicle and machine construction we are continuously working towards our customer’s satisfaction. Therefore we are always willing to invest in production capacities. For our customers we invest in infrastructure, recent turn-mill-centers and the creation of new and highly qualified jobs in our region.




Dellit Präzision is a capable supplier of turning and milling parts which are produced from different materials and in dimensions from 1 to 240 mm. We produce on the most recent and most innovative CNC controlled machines with well educated, motivated and committed employees.

Besides the production of high-end parts and the so reachable satisfaction of our customers, our processes are built up to reduce environmental damage to a minimum. Therefore stands our good quality and environmental management system that is also focussed on the needs of our employees. We know that our team is an important production factor and we provide a good occupational health and safety system.

By a high degree of flexibility and customer orientation as well as through the technical competence and the specific know-how of our employees we can guarantee a best in class service for our customers. This trust of our customers in the services of Dellit Präzision needs to be confirmed in our every days work.

Our corporate policy is target on a precise operation down to the last detail. We have therefore implemented a process of continuous improvement.

Our 20 years in business has taught us to react very flexible and future-oriented on the changing market situations. We use our experiences collected over the years to offer highly innovative and efficient solutions, production concepts and processes to our customers.